Residential Solar Panels
How Do Solar Panels Work?
Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity...
How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?
Residential Solar Panels have never been more afforadble and complete solar power systems can start as low as $3,500 after rebates...
solar home kit
How Much Can I Save With Solar Panels?
You could have a $0 electric bill and save thousands during the 25 year life....

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Las Vegas Solar Home is your independent source for the latest infromation about residential solar panels, solar power and alternative energy in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Las Vegas and Nevada Solar Energy Incentive Programs
las vegas solar rebate
Solar Financing and Leasing programs available with your good credit. 
Get a Free Solar Evaluation for Your Home or Business.
It's always best to compare multiple quotes for any home improvement project, including solar panels for your home or business.

Click Here to search a nationwide directory of local solar panel installers.
Renewable energy is nature's gift that keeps on giving. All we have to do is accept the gift and put it to good use. Las Vegas, in its commitment to supporting renewable energy, is doing just that. By installing renewable energy systems, finding innovative financing for renewable energy projects and supporting the development of emerging technologies like cogeneration and desert solar farms, Las Vegas is proving its commitment to promoting a healthier environment and reducing the city's dependence on fossil fuels.

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